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Achieve Unparalleled Security and Control with Whiteswan ZSP Platform

Here’s how Whiteswan ZSP platform works its magic

Lightning Fast Zero Trust Rollout

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) & Privilege Management: Two powerful features work together to double-check identities and limit access privileges, preventing unwanted intrusions.

Endpoint Management: Continuously monitors all connected devices, ensuring only authorized ones can access sensitive information.

Granular Access Control: Decide who gets access to what, down to the most granular level, ensuring only those who need it have it.

Flexible Deployment: Deploy on-premises or in the cloud, the flexibility to choose the solution that works best for you.

Enhanced Security

ZSP significantly reduces the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access.

Improved Compliance

Whiteswan helps you easily meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Increased Productivity

With streamlined access control and detailed logs, Whiteswan helps you save time and get more done.

Reduced Costs

Eliminating unnecessary access privileges can save you money on IT infrastructure and security resources.

Custom Solutions to Empower High-Performing Global Teams.

Our team has designed & built products for some of the world’s greatest organizations


Identity Security Solution for the 21st Century

Whiteswan ZSP

Imagine a world where your sensitive data and resources are always secure, where only authorized users and devices have access, and where compliance is a breeze.