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Whiteswan Zero Standing Privileges (ZSP) platform accelerates your journey to a secure and resilient Zero-Trust Security Posture, ensuring that the right users and devices have trusted access to your critical applications and data.

Zero Trust. Simplified

Bulletproof Your Assets By Creating Identity Centric
Micro Perimeters For Endpoints, Apps & Servers

Fortify your assets and embrace a resilient, adaptive and
user-friendly approach to safeguarding your digital landscape.

Enhanced Security Posture

Identify, categorize & prioritze your endpoints, access points & servers. Mandate strict access controls, robust authentication measures with continuous monitoring and granular security policies that scrutinize each access request. Our platform uniquely and strategically limits privileges, bolstering defenses, reducing vulnerabilities during a breach and safeguarding data.

Business Compliance Standards
Passwordless Access, Maximum Protection

Empower Your Business: Passwordless Access, Maximum Protection.

Wave goodbye to complexity. This unified agent unlocks passwordless Trusted Access and Just-in-time privilege grants, eliminating the need for convoluted gateways, password vaults or Yubi-keys. By limiting user privileges, Whiteswan ZSP shrinks the attack surface, enhancing security, protecting critical assets and minimizing opportunities for exploitation. 

Elevate your business’s compliance standards

Whiteswan ZSP seamlessly integrates the least privilege principle, enhancing the overall compliance posture and mitigates non-compliance risks. Stay ahead of compliance requirements and bolster your business’s reputation with ZSP’s unrivaled compliance features.

Business Compliance Standards
Unlock the full potential of your security team with ZSP

Unlock the full potential of your security team with ZSP

Whiteswan ZSP significantly enhances PAM team productivity by streamlining access control by automating permissions according to job roles. By eliminating the time-consuming task of privilege management, this allows your team to focus on core responsibilities, driving efficiency and productivity. Experience a seamless and agile work environment with ZSP, where time is maximized and productivity soars.

Some of Our Satisfied Customers

Trusted by leading enterprises worldwide, Whiteswan Security empowers organizations to protect their digital environments with confidence. Our customers enjoy peace of mind with unparalleled security solutions.

What People Say About Us

Whiteswan Identity Security has been exceptional in safeguarding our identities and securing sensitive information. Their solutions have significantly enhanced our security posture and streamlined our operations. The ability to manage identities with just enough privileges has transformed our approach, reducing our attack surface and mitigating security risks. We appreciate their unwavering commitment to excellence and look forward to our continued partnership.

Kamalesh Kumar

Next-Gen Security: Identity and Device-Centric Access.

Discover the power of a comprehensive & unmatched security solution. Whiteswan ZSP, establishes smart privilege boundaries, grants instant admin rights with top-notch MFA and safeguards your data like a superhero. Plus, experience effortless, device-centric access with automated P2P VPNs, solid TPM-based trust, and password-less entry – no more complex keys or arcane methods.

Next-Gen Security- Identity and Device-Centric Access.

The Zero Trust Approach to
Modern Identity Security Architecture.

The Zero Trust Approach to Modern Identity Security Architecture.

Too Many Tools, Rigid Solutions? Get Flexibility & Control with Whiteswan ZSP. Test Drive Today!

Elevate your business security to unparalleled levels with the Whiteswan ZSP Platform.

Elevate your business security to unparalleled levels with the Whiteswan ZSP Platform.

Our distinctive ZSP solution sets the industry standard by providing a comprehensive and unmatched security solution. Discover the unique advantages that can fortify your organization’s security infrastructure and safeguard your critical assets.

Consolidate Tools into a Single Console

Implementing a robust Zero Standing Privilege (ZSP) architecture can be complex, involving various tools from different vendors, such as Endpoint Privilege Managers, ITDR solutions, Trusted Access systems and Server Privileged Access Management (PAM).

Scale Your PAM Resources

Scale Your PAM Resources

For enterprises with limited security resources, managing these disparate consoles to achieve a central goal—ensuring that the right users and devices have trusted access to applications and data—can lead to longer implementation times, a lower return on security investment, and even missed threats due to overlapping consoles.

Unified & Integrated Approach

Discover how ZSP integration unites your organization’s systems to streamline security efforts, simplifying protection while minimizing operational complexity. Elevate your security posture with a unified approach that enhances management efficiency.

Unified & Integrated Approach

The Six-Step Roadmap to Zero Standing Privileges

Whiteswan’s Security Platform is the only solution that implements complete zero-standing privileges for your endpoints and workloads by combining secure remote access, application control & permissions assurance to secure workloads and endpoints from identity attacks.

The Six-Step Roadmap to Zero Standing Privileges

9 Reasons Why You Should Choose Whiteswan

Uncover our unique advantages that will transform your business.


Optimize and simplify security processes to boost efficiency significantly.


Craft security measures to precisely match your organization’s distinct needs and challenges.

Data Security

Safeguard your data internally, free from reliance on external services.


Select either cloud or on-premises deployment to align perfectly with your IT and security strategy.


Effortlessly integrate with your existing security infrastructure for actionable insights.


Pay solely for deployed security measures, ensuring continuous improvements without unnecessary expenses.


Enhance your threat detection capabilities for proactive security.


Scale security measures up or down based on your organization’s evolving needs to align with business objectives.

Ownership &

Retain complete control over your security measures, adapting effortlessly to evolving threats.

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