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Modern Identity
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Modern Identity Security Solutions

Our Commitment:

Safeguarding Your Digital World

Our Goal

Our goal is to revolutionize identity security with state-of-the-art solutions that adapt to the ever evolving Multicloud Environment.

Our Mission

To deliver innovative and agile solutions that empower businesses to navigate the complex cybersecurity landscape with ease. 

Our Values

Our client-centric approach, driven by integrity, fosters trust and fuels our agile, collaborative efforts for continuous improvement.

Customer-Centric Approach

Customer-Centric Approach

At Whiteswan Identity Security, the customer is at the heart center of everything we do. We listen, understand and tailor our privilege management solutions to their unique needs, empowering them to achieve their business goals.

Expert Cybersecurity Team

Our exceptional team of cybersecurity professionals possesses unparalleled expertise and experience. With a track record of successful implementations, they stand ready to safeguard your critical assets and privileged identities.

Expert Cybersecurity Team
Continuous Innovation and Adaptability

Continuous Innovation and Adaptability

As industry pioneers, we are committed to delivering excellence in our services. Our dedication to staying at the forefront of cybersecurity advancements ensures we continuously innovate & adapt to make sure our clients receive the highest protection standard.

Global Reach Local Impact

With a global footprint, Whiteswan Identity Security impacts businesses worldwide. We work locally with our clients, understanding their unique challenges and delivering privilege management solutions that resonate globally.

Whiteswan ZSP ensures each user has the access they need—no more, no less and at the right time. Get Started Today!

Who We Are

In a tech world weighed down by outdated solutions, organizations struggle with
security challenges. Our advanced ZSP platform, combined with cutting-edge analytics,
provides unrivalled insights into security risks and a full understanding of threats.

Empowering Positive Change in the Digital Landscape

At Whiteswan Identity Security, we’re dedicated to empowering businesses with unique privilege management solutions and fostering a secure, innovative, and prosperous digital future.

Ethical Excellence and Corporate Governance

We uphold the highest standards of ethics and corporate governance, fostering a sustainable, ethical culture that serves the best interests of Whiteswan Security and its stakeholders.

Trust, Transparency & Data Responsibility

Sustainable partnerships are built on trust, transparency and accountability. We rigorously adhere to industry standards and policies and prioritize safeguarding your digital assets and privileged identities.

Multicloud Security & Identity-Centric Approach

Discover the imperative of identity-based security in countering evolving cyber threats and secure your enterprise in the multicloud landscape by shifting from network perimeters to dispersed access points.

The Cornerstone of Modern Identity Security

At the core of modern identity security is the principle of precise access control. Whiteswan’s ZSP integrates this concept, granting the right privileges to the right individuals. This approach enhances security, minimizes risks, and boosts operational efficiency.

Modernizing for Agile Work Environments

In the age of agile workspaces, adaptability is key. Whiteswan’s ZSP delivers the agility required to elevate your security strategy to match the pace of evolving threats and dynamic workplaces providing robust protection while enabling seamless flexibility.

Meet our Team

Vinay Mamidi

Vinay Mamidi


Vinay, draws on his technical and leadership background, including roles at Palo Alto Networks and A10 Networks, to drive the company’s vision and deliver innovative cybersecurity solutions.

KSL Phaneendra Mouli

KSL Phaneendra Mouli

Senior Director – Engineering

With 16+ years track record, Phaneendra is committed to inspiring teams for efficient, innovative and customer-centric product delivery. He specializes in endpoint security, EDR, XDR, malware analysis and advanced threat detection.

Vinay Mamidi

Rahil Ghaffar

VP – EMEA Sales

Cybersecurity veteran with 20+ years of experience, Rahil has defined and delivered security strategies for complex enterprise environments, including Palo Alto, Trend Micro, Virsec, and Sonicwall.

Girish Rao

Girish Rao

Head Sales – APAC

With 20+ years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies, Girish a cybersecurity expert excels at building strong client relationships and delivering effective security solutions.

Vijaya Nalinee Singh

Vijaya Nalinee Singh

Director Business Development

With a proven 15+ years track record in the information technology and services sector, Vijaya is a seasoned Business Development professional highly skilled in Customer Success Management & Vendor Coordination.

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