Zero Standing Privilege

How it works

Whiteswan ZSP: The Power of Modern Identity Security in a MultiCloud world!

Zero Trust. Simplified

A robust Zero-Trust Security Posture demands least privilege principles for endpoints, access points and servers.

Integrating this across diverse elements involves coordination among multiple vendors: Endpoint Privilege Management, Identity and Trust Access Management (ZTNA) and Server Privileged Access Management (PAM).

Elevate your business security to unparalleled levels with the Whiteswan ZSP Platform.

Whiteswan ZSP Advantage

Whiteswan’s ZSP platform simplifies and streamlines identity-based security for endpoints and servers, enabling passwordless trusted access and just-in-time privilege grants, with the simplest deployment in the industry.

Protect Any IT Infrastructure or App

Automate privileged access across various environments, including DevOps, hybrid, multi-cloud, and on-premises deployments. Ensure secure user and privileged access to all on-premises and cloud applications with an intuitive user experience.

Business Compliance Standards
Passwordless Access, Maximum Protection

Ensure Governance from Day 1

Secure privileged access for all on-premises and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, data, and infrastructure with a leading Privileged Access Management (PAM) and Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) Solution – Whiteswan ZSP

Passwordless Trusted Access

Whiteswan’s unified ZSP agent simplifies endpoint and server security, enabling passwordless trusted access and just-in-time privilege grants, while reducing operational overhead and eliminating server complexity.

Business Compliance Standards
Unlock the full potential of your security team with ZSP

Fast & Flexible Deployment.

Whiteswan ZSP offers a rapid, cost-effective, and scalable deployment, enabling you to quickly realize its benefits, optimize your Security Return on Investment (ROI), and accommodate growth and evolving security requirements.

The Six-Step Roadmap to Zero Standing Privileges

Whiteswan’s Security Platform is the only solution that implements complete zero-standing privileges for your endpoints and workloads by combining secure remote access, application control & permissions assurance to secure workloads and endpoints from identity attacks.

The Six-Step Roadmap to Zero Standing Privileges

Step 1: Identification & Prioritization 

Identify your critical assets swiftly. Embrace the Zero Trust principle, where priority lies in safeguarding applications and infrastructure that demand immediate protection. Whiteswan ZSP sets the stage for a proactive approach to security. 

Identification & Prioritization
Scale Your PAM Resources

Step 2: Unified Identity Defense 

Step into the next phase with Whiteswan’s ZSP agent, which elevates your security measures. It offers unified protection for both endpoints and servers, shielding them against identity-based threats. MFA enhances security by granting access solely to authorized users, empowering your administrative rights. 

Step 3: Seamless Device Trust 

Effortlessly connect devices to your infrastructure while adding robust security measures. Our automated peer-to-peer VPNs, TPM-based trust device identity, and password-less entry make establishing secure connections a breeze. 

Unified & Integrated Approach
Scale Your PAM Resources

Step 4: Granular Ransomware Prevention 

Overcoming one of the most critical challenges – ransomware attacks. With Whiteswan’s ZSP, you can halt these attacks in their tracks. By enabling MFA on system utilities, legacy apps, and local admin accounts, you can effectively contain the spread of threats and safeguard your systems. 

Step 5: Simplified Governance Workflows 

Managing governance in the digital landscape has never been more crucial. Whiteswan ZSP simplifies this process with built-in workflows that enable users and devices to request time-bound permissions for accessing infrastructure. This simplification retains complete control while streamlining governance. 

Unified & Integrated Approach
Scale Your PAM Resources

Step 6: Adaptive Response to Change 

The Whiteswan ZSP architecture adapts to the ever-changing landscape of your organization. As your business introduces new apps or devices, our platform seamlessly extends its protective reach. This adaptability ensures that your security measures remain effective, regardless of the evolving threat landscape. 

Seamless Identity Security for the 21st Century

Whiteswan ZSP

We proactively authenticate every access attempt, ensuring only authorized users gain privileged access.